About screamfix

Wanna Know About screamfix?

It was a dark and stormy night…

OK well, it’s not all that dramatic. We’re just a father-daughter team (Dön & Donna Harrison) that loves horror. One day we looked at each other and said, “Hey. we both love horror. We should share that love with the entire Universe.” And that’s pretty much how screamfix was spawned.

The screamfix mission.

screamfix is not just another horror news site as there are plenty of those already. Some of them are pretty freaking awesome, actually. In fact, we will probably steal … errr … borrow content from some of them periodically. And while some of our contributors will spread some news, our main focus is to promote indie horror creators. But we want horror fans to be a part of this too. Our mission statement might read something like:

“Promoting creators of independent horror by feeding rabid horror fans”

Do you create horror?

Wanna join screamfix? We promote talented independent horror creators on a daily basis through our blog and our various social networks. Contributing is easy. If you are over 18 and own the rights to your creation (movie / video, book or other written work, art, music, etc…) or are an authorized press agent just email:


We encourage both horror creators and horror fans to join our Facebook Group to interact with us and each other. Don’t forget to follow @screamfix on Twitter too.



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