Trailer for Mystery Horror REYES Features Human Sacrifice + Poster, Pics, Info

Uprise Pictures Presents REYES, a German Genre Film with International Touch

Production companies from Switzerland, Mexico, Sweden and Germany are all involved in the making of the German mystery horror REYES from Uprise Pictures. This is director Patrick Templin’s feature film debut, although he already has producer credits under his belt. He is also the film’s creator and he adapted the screenplay.

REYES horror movie poster

Reyes is produced by René Wiesner & Flavio Speglitz and Weisner shares writing credits with Peter Ahlers. The film also sports an international cast with Kim Sønderholm, Bill Hutchens, Shawn C. Phillips, Antonio Monroi, Patrick Jahns, Brigt Skrettingland, and an ensemble of others.

Check out these movie stills:

A down-at-heel author who is trying to get his life back on track is getting into the vortex of an almighty death cult and finds out soon that his destiny is connected to a mysterious woman. Will he be able to get free and to save her by dashing the secret society or will it get even stronger?

View the trailer below:

Reyes is a self-financed film and the team involved welcome sponsors. Visit the following links for more info…

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