Science Meets Supernatural Horror in Bad Behavior’s INNER GHOSTS

Bad Behavior to Launch Kickstarter for Inner Ghosts

“If ghosts can think and remember who they were, then the physical brain is not the only place where we store our inner selves.”

When film writer/producer Paulo Leite first introduced me to the Inner Ghost storyline I was immediately sold. My own theories on ghosts are not too far from the concept of this film. I also get a wicked awesome vibe when communicating with Paulo and can feel that he is truly bringing his dream to life. He along with João Alves (director) and Gabriel Augusto (marketing) make up the core production team that is Bad Behavior. They are joined by Miguel Sales Lopes (Director of Photography) and João Rapaz (Make-up Artist and Special Effects).

Inner Ghosts KickStarter

The team plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign around April 30(ish) that aims to be relevant to both horror fans and filmmakers who want to make horror movies. This places the launch just prior to their trip to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Paulo assures me that there will be several live video sessions from Cannes and dozens of behind the scenes and Q&A videos. These will include horror screenwriting, film financing, film development and many subjects that should interest young filmmakers and horror fans.

“We love our community. There’s no people like horror people – and our Kickstarter campaign will do anything to celebrate the genre we love so much.” – Paulo Leite

As a pre-Kickstarter incentive, the production team is offering a free e-book on music licensing for a film. Click the image below to claim your copy:

Inner Ghosts Music Licensing Book

About the Film

Inner Ghosts is a Supernatural Horror/Drama filmed in Lisbon and Cascais. Its ensemble cast includes Celia Williams (Dr. Helen Stevens), Elizabeth Bochmann (Elsa), Iris Cayatte (Rachel), Norman MacCallum (Dr. Steinman), Amanda Booth (Moira), Ana Sofia Leite (The Hunter), and Patricia Godinho (Lilly).

Helen is a brain researcher trying to develop a revolutionary therapy to treat degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. To prove her theories, she needs to run cognitive tests on ghosts: beings who apparently can act and remember without the need of a physical brain –suggesting that unresponsive patients whose brains are too damaged to function can be accessed, somehow, through their living souls.

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