July 7, 2017

Buy or Sell Horror & Sci-Fi Goods via THE DARK MART

The Dark Mart
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Are you ready to join a community full of horror and sci-fi enthusiasts? Then you can’t go wrong with The Dark Mart. Do you have horror or sci-fi products to sell? Open your own storefront and start selling to people within your niche market. Don’t have a product to sell, but you love teaching? You are about to enter a world full of apprentices that are just dying to learn your craft.

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Graphic Designer & Head of Marketing Robert Sam put’s it like this:

It is an eBay/Amazon type of website. Where the user uploads their own products and deals directly with the customer. However, unlike those sites, we do not charge a commission fee or listing fee. So when you sign up, all you pay is the really small membership fee and that is it. If you sell an item for $100, you keep every penny of it. Each seller account has a VERY easy system of uploading your products, setting a price, and even a shipping cost. You are also given a unique page link, so you can share your personalized storefront with your customers.

That sounds pretty wicked awesome to me but seriously…

It’s secure – all sales are processed through the secure Shopify SSL encrypted payments platform.

It’s cheap – one low monthly membership payment and you can fill up your store with as many items as you would like and you will not be charged a penny more.

It’s profitable – Sell your items and pocket 100% of your profits!

The Dark Mart pricing

The Dark Mart will supply you with all of the tools that you need to run a successful business. Your store is customizable, includes a personalized store link, and is easily manageable from any of your devices.

Are you ready to get started? Click the banner below to start selling today for only $5.00 per month. No limitations, no fees, just sell!

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